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Monday, May 28, 2012

Writing Prod Contest

            Since this is Memorial Day, I would like to start out by expressing my thanks to the brave men and women who have made sacrifices so that we might be free. Thank you one and all.

            Today I am going to give away a copy of City of the Gods: Mythic Tales, Volume One. Okay, I’m not actually giving it away today, but I’m going to tell you about the contest that will allow you to win it. This will be my first attempt at a give-away.

            Mythic Tales includes my short story A Coyote’s Tale in the collection. The book is beautifully illustrated and, so far, the reaction to it has been good. A quick run-down on the premise of City of the Gods is that all of the gods left the earth and now live together in and around the Eternal City. Mortals and immortals alike walk the city’s streets and represent every mythos from Earth.

            For the contest, I am going to offer up my usual Monday Writing Prod and then ask anyone who wants to compete to submit a short story, poem, or synopsis based on the prompt. Please, keep it under 300 words. Post a comment below and include a link to the entry. Or you can just post the entry in the comments section. The deadline is next Monday. I will review all of the entries (at least, I hope there will be some entries) and announce a winner on my Wednesday post.

            Tell your friends about the contest. The more the merrier. And I am requesting that the winner review the book and either post it on their blog or allow me to post it on mine.

            Now for the prod. I call this one the Extreme Holiday. The idea here is to take a holiday and push the celebrations surrounding it to the extreme. Once you have the holiday-gone-wild worked out think of how it got that way and challenge your hero to change it.

            Here is my example:

            The Family Bowl

One day a year determined a family’s fate until the next Thanksgiving. Life was great if you family won the annual Family Bowl. The rest of the people on your block were at your beck and call until next year. But Josh was twelve and had only Mom and his sister Stacy with which to put together a grid-iron monster that would beat the other families. He needed a “Hail Mary” plan or his family would be on the bottom of the loser’s column . . . again.


  1. Looks like a great contest :)



  2. Sounds like fun! I'll post a link to this on my FB page :)

    1. I appreciate the help in getting the word out.


    2. You're welcome. I put it in my blog post today too. I love contests :)

  3. Every year on my grandfather’s birthday he is served a basket of puppies. They are always purchased legally, no skirting the law in my family. I like dogs and it always bothers me the way he gobbles them down. This year I got up the nerve to ask; why puppies? Granddad replied, “I don’t know, I’ve always had puppies. Maybe it was because my mom hated dogs.” I asked if he’d ever tried cats, I don’t like cats. So this year we are serving a basket of kittens, purchased legally of course.

  4. Alright. Here we go :-)

    The Fourth

    Every four years, the President of the United States must survive the week of Fourth of July. He or she is targeted by British military and intelligence, relentlessly. The President's survival ensures the independence of the United States for four years. Thanks to the secretly approved Treaty of Cambridge, the British success in assassinating the President brings British domination of Americans from shore to shore. Four years of British rule and taxation, all thanks to a bold bet made by over confident politicians who participated in an elite and highly exclusive game of Texas Hold'em. With one flip of a card, American independence was lost. And only on The Fourth of every four years, can it be regained.

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    1. Sweet. I can't wait to read it.