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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Writing Prompt #33

            PROMPT 33 - OBSESSION

            This prompt is useful in creating character-driven stories. Select multiple characters in the story and give them conflicting obsessions. These can be characters you developed yourself or they can be based on characters out of other stories. The point of this prompt is to decide how their lives and the story would be different if they chose to follow their obsession instead of their original goal. You can even use this on story you have written that seems to lack sufficient sizzle.

            You can also give a single character conflicting obsessions and see how it plays out. Imagine how different Frankenstein’s story would be if he had an obsession for fame and fortune in addition to his passion for science.


Wright and Wrong – Kittyhawk marked the birth of aviation history and the start of a feud between the Wright brothers. Always pragmatic, Wilbur wants to establish the first aeronautical empire while Orville aims to soar high in the social circles of Europe and the United States. Their only hope of doing either depends on them working together.