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Friday, January 12, 2018


This method will give you the barest nugget of an idea and it will be up to you to really fill it out to its greatest potential. But I find I often do my best creative work under these very conditions. Select a noun. You can pick one out you like or find some random method of producing one. For instance, School or Serial-Killer. Then imagine there is a blank either before or after the noun and fill it. It’s sort of like playing the old television game show . . . Match Game.

Example: [Blank] School or Serial Killer [Blank] can turn into Bully School and Serial-Killer Accountant. The more bizarre the combination the better the odds of coming up with a truly original storyline. Now all you have to do is create a story around it.

Bubba’s School for Underprivileged Bullies -

It isn’t Chuck’s fault that he’s bigger and stronger than everyone else. Or that he sometimes accidentally knocks over the other students while he’s daydreaming about becoming the first planetary explorer. So he was happy when his parents enrolled him in the strangely-named Bubba’s School for Underprivileged Bullies. But that all changes when he finds out he’s the smallest kid in the school and that most of the other children act in a decidedly alien manner. He’s forced to form an alliance with the most famous bully in the entire state in order to escape from the school. Chuck isn’t sure which is worse . . . an alien invasion of Earth or spending time with Darlene Pimpleton.