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Friday, May 25, 2012

This Week In The Blogverse

            The blog I'm covering today just recently hit my radar. And by recent I mean within the last month or so. Hopefully, that points out that I do try to keep my eye out for quality blogs that have something to offer aspiring authors.

            Let me introduce everyone to Sher A Hart who runs a fabulous blog. So far, my weekly spotlights have focused on a feature that the blog of the week offers. That isn’t always the case. Some blogs have an enormous amount of valuable posts that just don’t fall into the weekly column format. Sher happens to run a blog that falls into that category. The link above will take you to the landing page of Sher’s blog, but I am going to cover a couple of the specific posts she has put out there that has made this a must read for me every week. I’ll include links to those specific posts as well.

            On Social Media: Marketing Your Writing Sher had a veritable cornucopia of links to sites that can help you market yourself better on the internet. I spent several hours checking them out and found them to be pretty useful. This is the post that originally caught my attention. (Among the links is one for Nathan Bransford that I highly recommend.)

            My eyes really perked up when I read Turn Your Book Into a Script and Get $200,000. Kevin J. Anderson may be fortunate enough to be getting calls left and right to work on writing project, but I’m not. At this stage of the publishing game I have to make opportunities happen. This post brought an opportunity to my attention. I took second place in this year’s First Chapter contest at LDStoryMakers12 and plan to finish that as a script and submit it for consideration. Kudos to Sher for posting this opportunity.

            Dan Wells Free Video Seminar is another example of how the blog shares information helpful to writers. Dan covered a lot of this material in the class he taught at LDStoryMakers12. It’s good stuff. If you couldn’t attend the conference here is your chance to experience it yourself. (Alright, you won’t be experiencing the actual conference yourself, but you will get to see what it was like to sit in a class taught by Dan Wells and learn about the seven point plotting system he advocates.)

            I’ll stop at three examples, but Sher provides a constant stream of writing links, helpful advice, and notices about contests and giveaways. How great is all of that?

            Trust me, it’s awesome.



  1. This is awesome, Randy! I'm so glad you noticed and appreciate my posts. That Social Media post took weeks of research. One of the links in that post, defining a writer's platform, took some hard thinking to create an easy mnemonic, but I'm happy to say I did it and built one. Now I know someone is watching besides my cats in case I fall off, LOL!

    You really caught me on the giveaways. I'm such a reading addict I decided to always keep a giveaway open for my used books. That way my hubby won't put me on that Hoarders show. And I give away chocolate just because I love it.

    Thank you so much for featuring my blog. Woot!

    1. Wow. That is the most enthusiastic thank you I've ever received and totally makes it worth it.

      You are certainly welcmoe. :)

  2. Sher's blog looks terrific, Randy! I'm not into script writing (yet - who knows about the future :)) but the other posts you cited look really interesting. And any blog that has a tab devoted to winning books and chocolate has my attention :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You are extremely welcome. I'm just glad it was helpful.

  3. Those are great links and information. I just came cross your blog on Shelly & Chad's blog. I was at the LDStorymakers conference too but wasn't able to attend Dan's class so I especially appreciate that. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you. And a thank you to Shelly and Chad for sending you my way. They are great. I was able to meet Shelly at the conference and what a treat that was for me. Hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for stopping by.