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Monday, November 26, 2012

Writing Prod - Dream Guide 2


            First off, let me apologize for not posting the next installment of “High” School on Friday. I should have warned you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and there is always a distinct possibility that I would get distracted by it. And I did.
            Now back to business as usual and that means I have a Writing Prod to share with you. The next on my list is one that I call . . . Dream Guide. If you keep a dream journal this will be easy. Write down the details of a dream you had and then turn it into a story.
            You probably wouldn’t guess it, but this is a prompt that gives me significant trouble. Yeah, weird huh? I’m the Story Man and I can turn just about anything into a story – except my dreams. That’s because my dreams are too fragmented to generate a reasonable plot from them. Besides, who wants a story about a protagonist organizing objects in preparation for a move. Hmmm . . . or do you?


            Charlie’s Charm Closet           

            Last week everything was fine. Charlie had friends, he had the run of the neighborhood, and he had baseball. Then his parents suddenly announced that they were moving and all of that went away.
            They moved to a small, creepy town with few children and no baseball team. Charlie protested the move by boycotting the family, but that only earned him extra chores. His parents assigned him the job of cleaning out the junk-filled closet under the stairs. Then everything changes when Charlie realizes that this is a magical closet filled with wondrous items. The relics disappear when taken out of the closet and are replaced with something new.
            Every day becomes a new adventure for Charlie, until a mysterious real-estate agent shows up at the house and explains that there has been a mistake and the family will have to move. Charlie has seen this person before; she is on the cover of a book in the closet. This is no real estate agent – this is the Dust Queen who will use the relics to enslave the people of Earth.


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