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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Addictive Blogging Award



            The wonderful Carrie Sorensen nominated me for the Addictive Blogging Award. Does that mean my blog is an illegal substance and that I’m some sort of pusher? Hey, that would make a great story: a struggling writer who suddenly finds that people are horribly addicted to his blog. Imagine the possibilities with a story like that.
            Anyway, thank you Carrie for considering my blog addictive. Maybe I can look into offering a weekly online meeting to twelve-step my readers. But seriously, isn’t this the award that all of us writers want to receive? Don’t we want our stories, or blogs, or poems to not only be read and enjoyed, but enthusiastically followed? It is a true joy for me to have connected with the great people who read my blog on a regular basis. Thanks to Carrie and thanks to all of you who check out my blog each week.
            The rules for the Addictive Blogging Award indicates that I share something about why I blog and how the journey started. Then pass it along to ten other writers.
            I started my blog shortly after attending a writing conference. An editor had taken an interest in the story I pitched to him and asked for a full manuscript. I wanted to be in position to support my published books with a blog and so I got started right away.
            That was almost two years ago. I’m still looking to get my manuscript published, but have managed to get a few short stories into print. Fortunately, blogging has turned out to be more than just connecting with fans who have read your book. It has provided me the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people. They have given me great advice on my writing and specifically on my blogging, but even better than that have been an immense delight to befriend.
            Who are these awesome people? I’m glad you asked. These are the blogs that I find addictive. 

Chasing Revery – Even though Carrie nominated me for this award, I wanted to mention her again. I love the weekly snapshot prompt she does. Participate and you have a chance to be featured on her blog for an entire month. Also, take a look at her picture. How do I get my picture to look that cool?  

Angela Brown – Some blogs are addictive because they have a regular feature that I have to read every week. And then there are those authors who are just plain fun to read when they blog. For me, Angela falls into this second category. She does offer some great writing advice, but I’m addicted because Angela is awesome.  

Deana Barnhart – Flat out, Deana offers some of the best writing advice. And she frequently has information on some amazing contests. Currently you can read about Pitch Wars. Here’s a chance for writers to get teamed up with an agented writer and an intern to help them polish up their pitch. If you are still looking to get published, this is a great opportunity. 

Life 101 – Rick Watson offers up an interesting slice of life blog that I like to kick back and enjoy the bits of his life that he shares with all of us. Don’t let the brevity of my comments lure you into thinking you should pass on this blog. Stop by and say hi to Rick.   

Moody Writing – This is another great blog for writing advice. Mooderino offers up a steady diet of articles on how to improve your writing skills. These are great posts and I find them very helpful.  

Nathan Bransford, Author – Nathan has worked in publishing and in addition to some top notch writing advice he also delivers industry news. This makes him my favorite blog for writing tips.  

Robin Weeks – Robin works with Dave Wolverton and has some great insight into the industry. Her blog has a special segment that she calls “How Not To Write A Query” that can help you get your story pitches into shape.  

Susanna Leonard Hill – This is my first stop when I’m blog hopping. I feel like I stopped in to visit my favorite relative. She even offers treats to her visitors. In addition to the cozy format of her blog, she offers writing advice, contests, and a feature that she calls “Would You Read It Wednesday”. (Not that you would read it on Wednesday, that’s just when she asks if you’d read it.) If you write for children, this should be a regular stop for you during the week.  

The Warrior Muse - Shannon Lawrence has a blog that I make sure to catch every week. Primarily, that is because she Mostly Wordless Wednesdays where she lists current market opportunities. Thanks to her I submitted to Penumbra and Chaosium and earned my first two professional sales. She also offers good writing advice. 

            That’s it. If you are on this list, consider yourself nominated for the Addictive Blogging Award. If you’re not, then you should check out the blogs I mentioned.




  1. I haven't seen any of these "awards" in a few weeks. Dang.

    1. With Halloween and Thanksgiving in the mix, I'm not surprised.

  2. Thanks Randy. Very nice of you to mention my blog.


    1. You are welcome and my comments were justly earned.

  3. Congratulations on your award, Randy, it is well-deserved! And thank you so much for mentioning my blog and passing the award on to me - I am honored! I already follow some of the blogs you mentioned, but I will check out the others! Thanks again :)

  4. Haha. Thank you, Randy. I love that you love my photo, too. It's an Apple Photobooth special. ;)

    1. You are welcome. I need to do something to my picture to get it look . . . better.

  5. Yay, thank you so much! Sorry I'm a little late catching it. You made my day!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse