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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Is Only A Test

            Testing . . . Testing. Can everyone hear me?  

            The Gathering comes out in January, thanks to the help of the wonderful folks at Cedar Fort, and they have agreed to let me put together an audio book for it. That way if you are like my sister and don’t have enough time to read my story of the events leading up to the Second Coming you can listen to it instead.
            In preparation for the upcoming task I decided I should do a test run. Here is my reading of a flash fiction piece I previously did on the forum and that showed up in the Flash 500 anthology. Just click on the link below to listen.
            If that grabs your interest go ahead and check out the rest of the Flash 500 stories. They are free to download at this time. Thanks to Nicole Pyles and Carrie K. Sorensen who put all the effort into collecting and e-publishing the stories.

Please, give me some feedback on this audio version of Window View.


  1. Sorry can't buy anything from Cedar Fort in light of recent events.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Any thoughts on the audio version of Window View?

  2. I enjoyed it. You have a good reading voice.