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Friday, October 21, 2011

Interview with Christine Fonseca - Part II

     Book signings; the dream event of many upcoming authors. Here is the second part of my interview with Christine Fonseca as we discuss her experiences with book signings. I don't know about you, but this has certainly got me psyched about getting a chance to do one of my own.

Randy: Do you work with your agent, or publisher, on the book signings?

Christine: I did not – I have set them up on my own. But, I do have friends who have published with larger publishers that have help setting up their signings.

Randy: How is your reaction towards book signings different now then from when you were first published?

Christine: I am smarter now – I know not to expect a stampede of expectant fans. And I have really learned that “non-events” – you know those signings in which no one comes – are events. I have made connections with bookstore personnel that has proven helpful in the long run. Even if I didn’t have a great event.

Randy: How many book signings do you do for each novel? Or is it a continuing process that you plan a certain number of signings each year?

Christine: I plan signings – or really book chats – per year, trying to secure a 1x mos way to visibly connect with readers. This has proven very successful for my two educational titles – both of which exceeded publisher expectations.

Randy: How does a book signing differ for a recently published book as compared to one that has been out for awhile?

Christine: For me, no difference. But then again, I am really talking about educational titles – evergreen books that do not have a specific shelf life like most novels.

Randy: Is the first book signing for a new release an opportunity for the author to judge the book’s success?

Christine: Absolutely NOT. Unless you are a career author with a large following, book signings will not typically be big events. That is why it is so great to have multiple author events.

Randy: What do you pay attention to at your signings? Customer comments? Number of people attending? Or the level of enthusiasm the readers display?

Christine: For me, these things are all about connections. One person or 100’s of people (and yes, for my lectures and book chats I have had the full range) makes no difference. Every encounter is a chance to connect with a reader. You never know where those connections will lead.

Randy: Do you enjoy connecting with your readers at the book signings?

Christine: Definitely – it is the ONLY real reason I do them. Hearing my readers tell me about a positive experience they had with the book, or hearing them processing some information I shared is the best part of this whole thing.

Randy: What suggestions can you give authors about connecting to your fans at book signings?

Christine: Be authentic in all things. The public as a whole has little tolerance for anything else.

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  1. I loved hearing about your experience, Christine. Book signings seem like a pretty foreign concept for me. I imagine for anyone that hasn't ever done one... But maybe less so for people who've at least attended one.

    Thanks for hosting her, Randy!