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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ahoy! Sea Serpent?!?!


 A chill seeps into your bones as you swim towards the ship. You can’t be certain whether it’s due to the cold water in the abyss or a reaction to the eerie glow pouring from the windows. In either case, the dwindling supply of air urges you to approach the wreck without delay.

You peek into the window. Then you wish you hadn’t. Inside is a reminder of your fate should you remain here much longer. The dead walk through the interior of the ship, bathing the cabins with their phosphorescence. They enact the actions of the living, their motions the slow, tortured pantomimes of the ship’s crew.

Uninterested in joining them in this underwater purgatory you start to turn, ready to swim to the surface in the hope that the sea monster has left; bringing a soggy, but safe ending to this day. Out of the corner of your eye - something glitters.

One of the dead crew members carries a silver platter. An ancient relic that size, made of silver, might be worth a reasonable amount of money. Not enough to go up against a horde of unholy creatures, but the object on the platter is another matter. A necklace rests upon the platter. It sparkles. Rubies and emeralds enhance the majesty and beauty of the diamond at the centerpiece. With a diamond that size, there would be no restrictions to what you could do. With that diamond you would command your own destiny.

You swim from window to window keeping an eye on the platter and the necklace. The crewman enters a cabin that is larger than the rest. He moves towards a wall and sets the platter down on a barnacle encrusted table. This is your chance. As he fumbles with a rusty lock on a pitted-iron chest you attempt to squeeze through the window.

For a moment you are stuck in place. You kick and wriggle. Some of the metal breaks away as you struggle, allowing you to swim into the room. Just as you reach for the necklace, the dead crewman opens the chest and turns around. He spots you.

Snagging the necklace you swim as fast as you can out of the room, through the door, and down the passageway. More of the dead crew notices you. They walk to intercept you. Their glacially slow walk allows you to move between them with ease.

One more door remains between you and the outside of the ship. A crewman blocks your path. None of the dead have been able to move fast enough to pose a problem so far. You decide to risk a straight-on dash for freedom. At the last moment you swim along the floor, hoping to dart between his legs.

A bony hand latches on to your pants leg. Despite being little more than bones, the dead crewman is surprisingly strong. You’re held fast.

Placing the thin part of the necklace between your teeth, you use both hands to bludgeon the crewman with the air tank. With the second blow the arm that holds your leg snaps in two. You place your foot against the dead man’s chest and kick off, leaving the ship and the crew behind.

You smile at your success. Then the last gasp of air flows out of the tank.

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