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Monday, October 31, 2011


Susanna Leonard Hill is having a little Halloween fun on her blog and this is my contribution for it. The challege was to write a story, only 100 words in length, and to include: Jack O-Lanter, Candied Apples, and Boo. It needed to be age appropriate for 10 year olds.


Here is mine.

Someone knocked.

Chad answered the door. It was his good friend Jack O’Lantern.

“Ready for Halloween?” Chad asked.

“I’m not going.” Jack seemed sad.
“Why not? I know how much you like candied apples.”
“People are afraid of me because I have a pumpkin for a head.”

“Not if we put a costume on you.”

They tried a cowboy outfit. – Jack looked like a pumpkin with a hat.

They tried a clown outfit. – That made him even scarier.

Then they put him in a space suit. – Perfect.

They had fun all night. Jack even said “boo” and didn’t scare anyone.


  1. Awww, poor Jack. Glad they solved the problem :-)

  2. This brought a smile to my face. So glad Chad and Jack ended up having a load of fun. This is such a cute story.

  3. I'm with Jack. I've only ever once been able to find a Halloween costume I actually liked and thought I looked good in. Luckily, he had his friend to help him out. Very cute.

  4. I like that you made Jack o'lantern out to be a character. Real imaginative. Cute story.
    Found you from the comments on Susanna's blog.
    You're also on the campaign with me. Glad to meet you!

  5. Very fun! Thanks for joining the contest! Love your story :)