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Friday, June 1, 2012

This Week In The Blogverse

            Today I am going to introduce you to Aimee Salter who has a blog called Seeking the Write Life. She has been on regular stops each week for quite some time. This is not a feature of the week blog, but one that puts out a consistent flow of information helpful to writers. Here are some examples of her posts.

            Draft Query Help should be a regular feature, in my opinion, but was presented as a series of posts that helped her readers with their query letters. Obviously, this helped the writers who had their queries discussed, but it also provided a wonderful workshop atmosphere on query writing. Being able to post suggestions as a comment allows the readers to hone their skill in this difficult aspect of the writing life.

            Character Currency made some great points on getting your character motivations right. Week after week, Aimee offers insightful posts like this one.
            Stop by and read through a few of her most recent posts and see what bits of writing wisdom you pick up.


  1. Aimee has a great blog and I had kind of forgotten about it! Thanks for the reminder. I've signed up for email notification so I don't keep missing it :)