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Friday, August 3, 2012

Tracks of Love

            In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times already, I am participating in a weekly writing prompt over at The World of My Imagination. It has been hugely fun for me to come up with a piece of micro-fiction each week and good practice as well. Normally, my writing is rather long-winded and this gives me a chance to tighten it up.
            The story needs to include the following five words: Wallet, Circus, Kid, Cruise Ship, and Slide. (Isn’t that really six words?)

Tracks of Love 

            These two parallel rails of iron are the only link I have to my love. Each day I rise with the sun and follow them, hoping that she will be waiting for me at the next station. My steps are lightened with the memory of how we met at the circus. Hour upon hour of treading along the rails is quickened with day-dreams of our union.
            Up ahead, the morning light breaks through the trees and reminds me that I haven’t eaten in days. Pulling out my wallet, I check my available funds and find that I have none. The last of them must have gone to buy that sandwich in Galveston.
            That’s alright. My heart tells me that today will be the lucky day when my journey ends and a life of marital bliss begins. Just thinking about it sends me into a panic as I quickly check my pockets for everything I’ll need when we meet again.
            Breath mints? Check!
            Engagement ring? Check!
            Tickets for the cruise ship that will whisk us away on romantic waters? Check!  
            As I clear the grove of trees that cluster around the track I see the train station up ahead. My legs urge me to run, but the station is still miles away. Eventually, I give in to their incessant stomps and burst into a sprint.
            The power of love is so strong that I run without stop all the way to the station. I leap up on the platform and slide to a stop in front of a man reading a news-paper. He lowers the paper and looks at me. “What’s the hurry, kid?”
            The . . . circus.” My words are forced out between breaths. “Is it here?”
             His words go unheeded. On the wall behind him is a poster. Not only is the circus in town, but my love is displayed prominently on the advertisement. For several minutes I drink in her beauty.
            When at last I return to my senses the man with the paper is gone. Not that it matters; I’ve found what I came here for. I have found the Bearded Lady.


      There you have it. This is what happens when I write a love story.


  1. Haha! Thread of sweetness all the through and then a funny punch line at the end. Love it! I too saw and wrote about love from this prompt, but had a completely different perspective. That's what makes this blog hop so fun... seeing different angles inspired by the same picture.

    1. Oh, absolutely. From one starting point, there are so many directions a story can be taken. I'll have to hop on over and check out your story. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Everybody wants somebody to love, right? ;)

    By the way, you have won our advertising button contest this month. :) Do you have a photo you would like us to use or we can make one for you?

    Here's what I'm talking about: http://theworldofmyimagination.blogspot.com/2012/07/weekly-writing-prompt-and-new-incentive.html

    1. Yahooo. That is awesome.

    2. A picture of me? The only one I have is the one on my blog and you have permission to use that. Although, if you have other ideas I'm open to suggestions.

  3. Funny and really entertaining! A good read!