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Monday, February 25, 2013

Writing Prod - Tough Luck 2

            Another week and another Writing Prod. Unfortunately, there are no holidays or special events happening to add a little twist to it this time.

            This prompt I call . . . Tough Luck. It uses your personal experiences, or that of someone you know. Take the most difficult decision you have ever had to make and turn it into a fictional story. You can more fully explore the choice you made or go with a more “what if I had done the other instead” route.

            Nor does this have to be set in the everyday world with characters that have relatively typical lives. Imagine if that decision had to be made by the President of the United States or a larger than life action hero.


            Thar She Goes 

            Turgan the Terrible sheathed his energy-cutlass for the last time. For twenty years he had been the most feared scourge among all the seven sectors of space. He was a living legend in the annals of space piracy. But now he had to leave that behind.

            It was time to switch focus from his career to taking care of his most valuable treasure – Brand, his son. Not only did Turgan have to find a way to bond with a child he barely knew, he needed to prepare him to face the daunting challenge that is The Winter Festive Dance.


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