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Monday, February 18, 2013

Writing Prod - Almost Perfect 2

            President’s Day!

            On the count of three, I want everyone to launch into a lively, rousing and joyous rendition of Hail to the Chief.

            One . . . Two . . . Three . . .
            What? You don’t know it either? Okay, let’s just skip that part. This week’s Writing Prod is something I call . . . Almost Perfect. Invent the perfect society. What would it be like? Now write a story about it.

            In keeping with a President’s Day theme, I will attempt to create a paradise with George Washington in mind.



            Green Government 

            The whole idea of greening the government sounded good – at first. Advanced technologies had opened up endless possibilities, including the cloning of George Washington to lead the U.S. into a prosperous age of cooperation with nature. And at first, President Washington led the way with advocating a greater reliance on renewable resources for many of the services where that hadn’t been common before: wooden dentures, sawdust packing material and leaf-wrapping for Birthday presents.

            Then Edward discovered the dark side of President Washington. Something that hadn’t been mentioned in any of the history books. In fact, it seemed in dark contrast to the man that had been dubbed the Father of our country. Edward had discovered a plot for George to become King Washington, the leader of the entire world.




  1. "Hail to the chief
    He's the chief and he needs hailing"

    You're a movie buff. Can you name that quote?

    1. Dang, I cannot. It sounds a bit like Mel Brooks. You got me stumped though.