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Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing Prod - Product Placement 2

            Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, once again. A holiday filled with cupids, red and pink hearts, and announcements of affection to friends, family, and especially that one certain person that has enriched our lives. What a lovely holiday.
            What it means for me is that this week’s Writing Prod will need to include some connection to this the most sickeningly-sweet holiday of them all. That should increase the difficulty of the task by quite a bit – considering that romance is my personal kryptonite.
            The prompt is one that I call . . . Product Placement. Normally, you would pick a product that you can buy in a store, or online, and then turn into an object that symbolizes an important message / theme in your story. It becomes the centerpiece for your story.
            However, in deference to Valentine’s Day I am going to change that a bit and specify that the product be taken from a holiday related commercial and used as a romantic element in your regular story. Or that you take a regular commercial and use it as a centerpiece for a romantic tale.
            This should be quite a challenge for me.



            Princess Blanche loved beer. The finest brewers in the land worked for her father, the king. How then was a simple hops farmer like Samuel Jackson to win the heart of the fairest maiden of the land if he had nothing to offer?
            Then one day he uncovered an ancient book that spoke of a magical brew that existed long ago and heralded by all as the finest drink ever devised. The book even mentioned where the recipe for the perfect ale could be found; in the far away land of Wine, protected by a snobbish and evil people who hated beer.
            Armed with only a drinking mug and a brave heart, Samuel faces a series of sobering challenges in order to win the affections of the Princess.
* Note: This prompt is not intended as an endorsement for alcoholic drinks. It is meant only as an exercise in the realm of the ridiculous.




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