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Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Prod - Fairy Bad 2

            How many different ways are there to lead into the Writing Prod?           

            I don’t know, but at times I find it difficult to come up with a new one. Just for the record, this is number forty-five. Which means I’ve been doing this for almost a year. During that time I have come up with a few ideas that turned into short stories I submitted for publication and a couple of novel ideas that I placed on my writing list. This weekly exercise in creativity has certainly been helpful to me, but what about my readers? Is this feature helpful, or entertaining, to any of you out there?
            Is it time for me to take a good look at this blog and change things up in a significant manner? What can I do to improve this blog? What sort of features would make you want to stop by more often? Please post a comment with your thoughts about it.  

            The prompt this week is something I call . . . Fairy Bad. Take a fairy tale or a popular story and write it from the villain’s point of view. If you want a little more realism in your tale then pick a BIG news story that has happened recently and work it from the point of view of the least favorable person involved. Make us understand why that person acted the way they did. Make us believe that they are not the villain at all; maybe they are just misunderstood and maybe they are really the victim of unfavorable press.


            Union Hogs 

            The forest used to be a nice place to live. All of the folks got along real well. Sure there might be a tussle or two at the Spring Spree, but by the time the Fall Feast rolled around all had been forgiven. Then the Hoggs took over the south mire. Bought it from their cousins, the three little pigs. Along with them they brought the Union; Contractor Local 1372 to be exact. They set to clearing out the briar patch and that’s when the trouble started. That section of the woods belonged to Lupa, the wolf, and those Hoggs wanted to build houses there. Well, you can imagine what happened next.



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