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Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Writing Prod

            Well, this is it for my Writing Prods. As much as I enjoy them, if my readers are not interested in reading them I need to find something else to write. After today, I will stick with movie reviews and micro fiction. No more posts on how to be a more effective writer.
Two more of my original writing prods remain to be covered a second time. I figured that I might as well take a look at both of them and combine them into one final story pitch.
What’s In A Name . . . is one of my favorite prompts and one that I have used to write several stories that I have submitted to publishers. The idea is to select a book title that you love and then write a story about it. It’s probably best if you change the name of the story once you’re done.
Skewed View . . . takes a story that already exists and then write it from a radically different point of view, like that of an insect, or an alien, or even a stuffed animal.
            For my example, I’m going to use the title of my favorite book when I was a teen - Damnation Alley. That is a post-apocalyptic story about the last of the Hell’s Angels. How better to represent that book, in a different way, than to turn this into a literal setting. What if there was a specific place in Hell for fallen angels? What might it be like? What sort of things might be going on there?
            But telling that story from the point of view of one of the fallen angels would be the obvious route here. Even telling it from the point of view of one of the devils fails to skew the story enough for the second prompt. But what does that leave?


            Down and Mostly Out           

            Ben enjoyed life, while it lasted. He lived fast and free and hard. Too late did he realize that there is more to any of our lives than just living it up. Standing before God he is given a chance to redeem himself. There is a portion of Hell where the fallen angels are sent and the worst of the demons dwell. He must travel there and determine if one of the fallen was unjustly cast out.
            Then once that is done, he must find his own way out of Hell.  





  1. I might have been more interested in writing prompts if I were writing, but I am not for the foreseeable future.

    1. That is good to know.

      Actually, the idea of switching format from stuff for writers to just stuff that I write has been on my mind for awhile. The low response to the Prods just gave me a boost to go that route.

  2. I feel guilty, Randy! I've been so swamped lately I'm having trouble keeping up with all my favorite blogs and I have not commented over here in a while. I love your writing prods because you always think up such amazing things - I'm not so good at it :) But I totally understand switching it up if readers don't seem to be participating much. And it's fun to try new things! Who knows what great idea you'll come up with next? :)

    1. Please don't feel guilty. You have posted so many great comments on my blog and I really appreciate them. But as you pointed out, my readers are not participating. I am open to suggestions from you, the Grumpy Bulldog, or anyone else about what you would like to see on the blog.

      I think it was time for me to switch.