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Monday, March 18, 2013

Writing Prod - Holiday Mixer 2

            With the taste of Saint Patrick’s Day dinner fresh in mind and the beginning of plans for Easter just starting to intrude into my thoughts, it seemed only right that I took another look at . . . the Holiday Mixer. This prompt has the writer take two holidays and mix them together to come up with an unusual setting and an unusual story.
            And since we are smack in the middle of the aforementioned holidays I will work with them in creating this week’s sample story.


            The Egg Thief 

            Life is good in the little farming community of Dun Ibhir Dell; the weather is cool, the potato harvest is the best in years, and the chickens are laying eggs in record numbers. And yet, Darby has gathered the fewest eggs of any year he can remember.
            Things change when he sets a trap and captures a Puka who has been stealing the eggs as part of a tribute that is paid to giants in a far away land. As any self-respecting Leprechaun would, Darby decides to see this land of miracles for himself and maybe even steal a pot of gold that legends say the giants jealously guard.



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