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Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing Prod - Mix and Mesh 2

            What a beautiful morning it is here in Arizona. It one of those days that you expect the people walking along the street to break out into song just like they do in the movies. Lively little jigs would accompany a song about how beautiful a day it is and at just the right moment, I would join in.
            Don’t worry. I won’t. I learned my lesson about singing in public. But that won’t stop me from turning today’s writing prod into a musical.
            Before I start on that, let me get your opinion on something. Would you be interested in my posting a serialized story once a week? And maybe end it with a poll on how you would like to see it progress from there? Something like, Should Johnny: A) Open the door; B) Call the police’ or C) Shout “Tag – you’re it.” I feel that at some point it might be best to move the focus of my blog from connecting with my fellow authors to connecting with those that are primarily interested in my fiction. All comments on the subject would be welcome.  

            Now on with the Prod . . . Mix and Mesh. It seems that Hollywood does a lot of this when they pitch ideas. “My script is a cross between The Brady Bunch and Night of the Living Dead. I call it The Dead Bunch.” The idea for this prompt is to pick two separate stories and combine them in a way that gives you a completely new story.
            You can use any combination of novels, short stories, movies, and even the odd bit you overheard from the person in line, ahead of you, at the grocery store. Put them in the blender and hit the mix button. Boom. Instant story.   
            For my example, I randomly selected a novel from the book case in my office and then went into my living room and did the same with the musicals we have stored there. I came up with The Stainless Steel Rat Get’s Drafted (yes that is a real book) and Grease.

(Here is Vinny and the boys doing the Moon Walk.)
            Space Grease

            Vinny and the boys don’t fit in anymore. Ever since they found the stack of old video discs in the abandoned archives they have embraced the religion that is Grease. After all, Grease is the word.
            But then they are drafted into the military and sent off for space cadet training. Commandant Crunk is decidedly not in harmony with the message they bring to training camp and sets his mind to degreasing the lot of them. This is a musical battle-royale that answers the age old question: To grease, or not to grease.




  1. Fun prod! And I would read your fiction. And I like the idea of the poll - it's like choose our own adventure :)

    1. Excellent. I'll need to start thinking up a story line.