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Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing Prod - Gibberish Times Five

            Another Monday and another Writing Prod. My hopes are that at least reading through these will give my fellow authors the creative boost they need to start the week off with a bang.
            This week we are revisiting the prompt that I call . . . Gibberish Times Five. Actually, this is a pretty common prompt. Many of the blogs that offer writing prompts offer a variant of this.
            All you need to do is take five random words and come up with a story, or a story idea, that makes use of all of them. To select the words you can flip through a book or magazine and insert your finger, using the closest noun or verb to where your finger lands. Alternatively, you can switch television/radio stations and jot down the five words that stood out.
As usual, my example will be a story pitch for a novel. I decided to combine the methods and randomly selected words out of the T.V. Guide. Here they are: Symptoms, Walking, Stash, Spooky, and Survive. Seeing as Halloween is quickly approaching and I amazingly put my finger on “Spooky” it seems only right that I put a bewitching spin to my story pitch.



            Mummy Apocalypse

            Charles claimed that it was the greatest archeological find of the century, but for Jason it was just spooky hole in the ground. He’d seen enough movies to know that one of these mummies would rise from the dead and walk among the living. And it did! No sooner had they found the secret stash of urns, sarcophagi, and gold then people started turning up all mummified . . . and dead.
            Except, they didn’t stay dead! They moved about with purpose, serving a hidden master for some secret purpose. Then it got worse – Charles showed the symptoms of becoming one of the mummy-zombies. That left Jason less than twenty-four hours to find a cure and stop an evil plan to control the world.


  1. I don't have anything handy, so let me just look around and pic five things I see: Barbecue, purse, Holy Bible, hammering, water

    Lady Soulkiss

    Fitted snugly in her bone corset and petticoat beneath her dress, Lady Soulkiss presented the very picture of society at its finest. No one could tell that her small purse held a vial of holy water and a small Holy Bible to ward away the demons of Thandenbury row. She hammered out heaven's justice, leaving the judged and executed in her wake, little more than the ash and coal of a barbecue, until Judgment is called down for her.

    1. Nice. That totally hooked me. Well done. And thanks for commenting. I had begun to wonder if the Comment feature even worked any more. LOL

  2. You are so good at coming up with great ideas from these prods, Randy! Clearly I need more practice! :)

    1. Practice is good. This just happens to be one of my strengths. I'm horrible with grammar. I just hope people get a kick out of the prods I put out.

      Thank you for the kind words.