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Friday, July 6, 2012

This Week In The Blogverse - The Warrior Muse

            For the final offering of This Week In The Blogverse we are going to hop on over and visit Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse. This is another blog that I’ve been following for a long time and really find it useful.
            On Mondays, Shannon offers writing advice. This is sometimes her passing along what she has learned from J. T. Evans and titled Write Brain, which most recently discussed computer security. She also puts out tips of her own; as she did this week with a post about taking inspiration from life and included a writing prompt about it.
            Then she has Mostly Wordless Wednesdays which is sort of a double feature. First up is the mostly wordless portion of the post where she includes pictures of whatever theme / topic she picked for the week. These vary from week to week, but often involve personal elements of her life. Last week, she posted pictures of the fires around her home in Colorado Springs. My favorite was the pictures that she took at the Fine Arts Center.
            However, it is the second part of her Mostly Wordless Wednesdays that originally caught my attention. Shannon offers helpful links. Most often these links are to writing contests or other writing related events on the blog. As it just so happens, I am working on a short story today so I can submit to the Once Upon An Apocalypse contest I read about thanks to Shannon.
            For me, a blog that has assembled a host of writing opportunities into one place that I can check out on a regular basis is marvelously useful. I wish I knew more about more blogs that did this.
            You may notice that the link to her blog takes you to a post on writing post-apocalypse stories. Yeah, I did that because that’s my favorite genre and really enjoyed the post. But it’s all good.


  1. Once upon an apocalypse? Sounds like a fairy tale gone terribly awry :-) Wishing the best regarding the contest!

    1. Yes. Chaosium is the publisher holding the contest (they started off in the Hobby/Game industry doing role-playing games). They want entries that take a fairy tale and introduce zombies into the mix. I finished mine today and have my critique partners looking it over.

      Thanks for the best wishes.

  2. Randy, thanks so much for featuring me here! I'll be mentioning you on my Monday post. Good luck with Once Upon an Apocalypse. I'm so glad I could pass along something you found useful.

    1. No problem. I enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with everyone. And thanks for the link to the contest. I'm excited to see if they like my story.