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Friday, July 20, 2012


            I have moved away from the This Week In The Blogverse feature and will probably be focusing more on showing everyone what I can do as a writer. Hopefully, that will be a good thing and won’t drive away the people that follow this blog.
            On Wednesday, The World of My Imagination put up a writing prompt. In 500 words we were supposed to come up with a poem or a story that used the picture below and the words: Nurse, Cockroach, Brooch, Pride, and Noise. This is what wrote:

            Main street is normally a place of refuge from my own dark thoughts. I can focus on the noise of cars and people as they go about their every day business. These are the sounds of life in the city.  And Main is the busiest, loudest, most vibrant street here.
            But today Main showed me a different face. Mean. Cruel. Spiteful. Maybe just so I’d remember not to take it for granted whenever I walked down its sidewalks.
            Outside Struthers Treasure Emporium sat a used theater organ. Not just any old organ, but the one they put into the Bell Flower Hall when it was built. That was before cockroaches infested it and the locals drunks elected it as the ideal place to sleep it off.
            That was also back when I was an actor. Or at least thought I was. What a grand time that was; one acting gig after another, money, accolades, and the attention of women. In particular, a pretty nurse that had a laugh that sang to my soul like the merry clinks of a wind chime.
            I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out a brooch. Other than my memories, it was all that I had from that perfect time. As sharp and vivid as if it were happening right now, I remember the night I gave her the token of my love.
            They say that “pride cometh before the fall.” What they don’t tell you is that it stays with you.
            Looking at the organ made me think that the brooch belonged here with it. Besides, I could probably pawn it to Struthers for enough to buy one last lunch at the corner café.



  1. Well you've sure got me wondering... if he gave the brooch to the pretty nurse, why does he have it now? and how has he fallen so far that he's going to kill himself? (or did you mean last lunch *at the cafe* not last lunch ever!) Great job with the words!

    1. She returned it. And it is one last lunch on main street before he moves on. I guess it didn't work as well as I thought.

  2. I saw over on Nicole's post this didn't get linked up. I'll make sure to add it on my end, too. :)