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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hookers and Hangers

            The ladies over at Falling 4 Fiction are conducting the Hookers and Hangers bloghop.  It sounded like fun so I have decided to participate. In short, those of us involved in the bloghop are to post the first lines from each of the chapters from our book.
            Initially, I thought I would use the opening lines from my first novel, Hellathon. Then I copied over the lines from the first ten chapters and read them, realizing that beyond the awesome opener in chapter one the rest fell flat and didn’t do what they needed to in order to pull in my readers.
            So, change of plan, here are the first ten opening lines from my murder-comedy, Exit Stage Left.

1. “I got us a job.”

2. A car makes a statement about its owner.
3. I opened my eyes.

4. “Dave, did you happen to talk to Vincent before you signed us up for this case?”
5. When people get into trouble they hire lawyers.

6. Private investigators in television and movies have a lot of advantages over real ones.

7. Where do you start an investigation when the only obvious suspect is an innocent man?

8. Stakeouts are typically long and tedious

9. A second attempt to enter the theater brought us face to face with a stagehand the size of a small mountain Felix had sent to guard the front door.

10. Even with an address, Denny’s secret apartment proved difficult to find.

             By the way, if you were interested in reading the opening line from chapter one of Hellathon, here it is”

1. Banan had already killed six-hundred and sixty-three men in order to enter the race . . . some of them more than once.


  1. Great opening lines, Randy! I'm ready to read Exit Stage Left! And maybe an unexpected blessing that you realized the first lines in your other book need a little tweaking - better to find out now than later :)

    1. Thank you. I think you would like Exit Stage Left. If I had to compare it to something I would probably compare it to the Monk television show. I definately consider this a blessing. I've been gearing up to start submitting Hellathon and this gives me something new to improve.