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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Want In On the Fun

            Over the last two weeks I have discovered something absolutely amazing. The BLOGFEST.

            That’s when one blogger comes up with an idea and then gets the rest of us bloggers to join in. The first one that caught my attention was Shelly Brown’s poetry blogfest that she is calling “Poetry Schmoetry.” I liked it so much I put a nice pretty box about it on my blog. Go ahead, take a look. Right there in the upper-right corner. You can click on it if you want to check it. (After you finish reading my blog, of course.)
            The point I’m making with this particular blog entry is that I want to join in the fun. So, I have added a new category for my participation in these wonderful, cross-promoting, themed exercises in creative writing.
            For Shelly’s poetry blogfest I actually came up with a poem so that I could participate. The winner will be showcased on her blog and who can pass up that kind of publicity. However, you’ll have to wait until the second week of July to see my contribution.

            Then I ran across the blogfest Ali Cross is promoting on her site and I could not pass up the chance to share the villain from my first novel (as yet unpublished). How great is it that I get to write a resume for my bad guy? I’ll tell you - It’s AWESOME.

            While I was drooling at the prospect of filling out the villainous application, I noticed that Jolene Perry had a blogfest of her own going on. The “Lovin the Language” blogfest involves posting the five favorite lines from one of our books.
            This was another great idea and there were fifty-four authors who took advantage of being able to hook some readers on one of their works-in-progress. Here is a link to Jolene’s website so you can check it out for yourself.

            And even though I missed my chance to participate in the blogfest, here is my favorite set of lines that I have written. This happens to be the opening paragraph to my first novel: Hellathon.  

     Banan had killed six-hundred and sixty six men in order to enter the race. Some of them more than once. Most considered the “Blood Admission” too risky to try. Even if a man could best that many foes without being maimed, or killed, it still spawned a long list of grudges that would be paid back – eventually. But other methods for qualifying for the race didn’t interest Banan. Hell was filled with men who deserved to die. Some of them more than once.

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