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Friday, March 25, 2016

Writing Prompt #15


            This prompt takes elements of the fantastic and combines them with the real world. It works with any genre, but fantasy does tend to clash the most with reality and the strength of this type of story is based on that incompatibility.
            There are two methods of generating stories with this prompt. The first is to take a fictional character and move it into a real world setting. But you can also go the other direction and take a historic figure and place them in a fantasy world.  

            Here are five fantasy and reality collisions.            

            Billy the Kid collides with Ghandi

            Dracula collides with the mafia

            Socrates collides with Barbie (the living doll)

            Wile E. Coyote collides with the Arizona Department of Transportation

            The Apollo 13 crew collides with John Carter of Mars

            For this prompt I have listed two movies using this principle.     

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Honest Abe is president by day and a vampire hunter by night. (Or so I’m guessing by the title.) Doesn’t that catch your attention? Aren’t you interested in seeing how the film makers put these two extremely different components together into a single cohesive story?

Enchanted – A fairy-tale princess is transported to the real world and falls in love with a single dad raising a daughter.

            The first example takes a real person and plops them into a fantastic setting. In the second story, a fantasy character is placed in the real world. These two films also work opposite sides of the entertainment spectrum, with Abraham Lincoln covering the horror genre and Enchanted belting out some humorous, family, musical fun.


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