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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Writing Prompt #13

            PROMPT 13 – BABY TALK 

            Art Linkletter wisely noted that “Kids say the darndest things.” For this prompt you will need access to a talkative child, between the ages of four to ten. It works best if you can watch the children in their normal environment as they interact with one another. Sooner or later they’ll drop a gem of an idea. However, I have gained reasonable results from coming straight out and asking them what they think would make a good story.  

            When I asked my seven-year-old what he thought I should write for my next story he told me it should be about a dragon that chased people around because he wanted to be friends with them.

            While my son’s suggestion would make an excellent picture book or Middle-Grade story I decided to turn this into a serious adult offering.

Roaring Dragon – Ben has been hired to travel to the backwaters of the bayou in order to study the body of a supposed dragon. When he arrives he discovers that the remains are not from any species known on Earth and begins a search of the area for a living specimen. Deep in the swamps, his hunting party becomes the hunted when a live dragon charges into their camp. Ben flees and becomes hopelessly lost in the swamp. He is rescued by the dragon and returned to civilization. During their trek the dragon reveals that she and her companion were emissaries to Earth from another dimension and if neither of them return home the warriors of their race will invade Earth and destroy it. Ben must find a way to get the dragon safely past the party of swamp folk that are hunting her and take her to the portal to her world.


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