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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Writing Prompt #14

            PROMPT 14 – FOR STARTERS 

            For this prompt you are going to borrow a line and use it as the start of your story. This could be from a conversation you overheard at the store. It could be the last line of your favorite novel. Novels, movies, songs, and news articles are all great sources for starting material, but you’ll want to change the line so that it’s a real attention grabber.  

            Here is the last line from my favorite novel, Damnation Alley, by Roger Zelazny.

            But coming upon the Common, the winds still break about him, and the heavens still throw garbage.”

            Based on that line I generated a first paragraph and this elevator pitch.

Down and Out on Earth – Sam used to be an angel in heaven. Not just any angel, but the leader of the crack legion of Avenging Angels. For millennia he served faithfully. Then a week ago God cast him down to Earth. Now mortal and without his angelic powers he must find a way to stop the approaching spiritual war before it destroys mankind.

“The winds broke around him as if they feared his touch and the heavens threw garbage. Both served as constant reminders of his current status with God. Even the humans took part of this grand snubbing and crossed to the far side of the street as he approached them.”


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