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Monday, August 27, 2012

Writing Prod - Tough Luck

Tough Luck
            Another week and another prod. I hope all of you enjoy reading this part of my blog half as much as I enjoy writing them. Just to let all of you know, this is my favorite part of my writing week.
            This week I am presenting a prompt that I call . . . Tough Luck. For this writing prompt you will have to draw from your own life experiences. Take the most difficult decision you ever had to make and then write a fictional story based on that choice. Obviously, this lends itself primarily to serious pieces of fiction, but it could be turned into a comedy with a poignant message.
            Even though it would be more of a challenge to come up with an example that turned the serious event in my life into a comedy, I think I will stick with a serious story since those are personally harder for me to write.

            Here it is: 


            John and his son have been a team since the day that Johnny was born. Life blind-sides him when his ex-wife appears one day with a court order giving her temporary custody of Johnny. The one constant in John’s life has been his son’s love and without it he wonders how he can survive the daily grind. Knowing that if he creates a scene it will only cause more trouble for Johnny, he says goodbye. In the days to come he will not only have to find a way to return Johnny home, but also adapt to life without him.



  1. That example touched my heart. Let me give this a try.

    Grind. Become the tigress. Break that glass ceiling in half. All the encouragement Lisabeth needed to keep at her college dreams, dreams she longed to make true to help her mother and bring her hard working days to an end. But the end does come, in the nightmare of loss. Though passing on closed the door on much of her mother's suffering, it opened Pandora's box in Lisabeth's life. Lisabeth must find a way to round up the demons released in her life and put them back where they belong or succumb to an unhealthy mourning process that could bring her own life to an end.

    1. Very nice. I think you have a novel there.

  2. Great prod as always, Randy, and your example, though it must have been terrible painful, sounds like it would make a heart-wrenching book.

    1. Thank you, Susanna. You are very kind. It was a tough experience, but my son and I are very close now. Even though I meant for the prod to sound interesting (because what's the use of showing people how these prods can work if I don't put out a compelling story nub?) there is virtually no chance I would actually write it. Action or comedy is my thing.