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Friday, August 24, 2012


Sorry for being MIA earlier this week. I have a couple of writing deadlines that are keeping me busy.  Today’s post will be rather short so that I can get right back to work on my writing.
September promises to be pretty exciting if you are an unpublished author. Deana Barnhart is hosting the GUTGAA (Gearing Up To Get An Agent) bloghop. Obviously, with a name like that the primary focus of the bloghop is connecting unpublished author’s with agents, or publishers.
You can see a schedule of the events on Deana’s blog, but they include:  

  • A meet and greet so that all the participants can get to know one another.
  • A BETA/Critique group connect for those who happen to be looking for a little help in getting their manuscript into shape.
  • A pitch polish event to help you get your pitches ready for the agents.
  • An agent pitch contest where the participants can have their query looked at by contest judges before going on to the final round.
  • Random prize giveaways.
  • The 50 top rated pitches will be placed on Deana’s blog for the agents to look at and make comments. If the agents are interested in any of the pitches they are free to request partial or full manuscripts from the author.
  • There will be 2 small press pitch contests and the top 25 pitches will have the chance for 7, that’s right 7, small presses to look them over and possibly request a manuscript.  

Like I said, if you are an unpublished author, this is an exciting event that you don’t want to miss. Head on over to Deana’s blog and check it out.




  1. GUTGAA sounds terrific! I've been reading about it around the blogosphere and it's just a brilliant idea. Good luck if you're entering! :)

    1. I am entering and thank you for the kind wishes.