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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Liebster Award

            I want to take a moment to thank everyone who was responsible for this great award: my parents, my wife, the members of the academy, and of course everyone who I bribed to make this happen.

            What award?

            The Liebster Award that Crystal Cheverie passed on to me last week. This is a great pay-it-forward opportunity for writers. According to my German dictionary, liebster means beloved.  It is given to bloggers who have under 200 followers in order to give them added exposure and build their readership.

            Now that I have been honored with the award it is up to me to pass along the opportunity for four other writers. And here they are:

Chas Hathaway   http://chas.willowrise.com/

I met Chas on Twitter and he convinced me to setup a fan page on Facebook. Hmmm . . . I wonder if we violated some morale guidelines about crossing social media borders without the appropriate paperwork / authorization. Anyway, I think Chas is just starting out as a blogger and has potential. Stop by and say hi.

Kate is pretty close to 200 followers and if you check out her blog you’ll see why. She includes some good tips on writing, has a good eye for teen fiction, and does first page critiques. This blog is well worth the visit.

Holly is participating in the Third Writer’s Platform Building Campaign with me. We’re both in the General Fiction (All Genres) group together. I have enjoyed the stories about her class that she’s shared on the blog. The flash fiction piece she created for the first challenge in the campaign was strong. I think she has a good handle on suspense.

Effy is also in the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign with me. We’re both in the Urban Fantasy group. She is also a graphic designer and it is that particular bit that made her blog stand-out for me. I feel that puts a unique perspective on writing.

            For all of my readers, stop by all of these blogs and introduce yourself. And to the award winners, please pay this forward and do the same for four writers you think are going places.


  1. Sweet! It's an honor! Now I need to go tell my mom/dad/husband about my very first award!

  2. Holy cow Randy! You are the man with the awards! That's awesome. Congrats. And I promise to post the meme you passed on next week! Sorry it's taking me so long.

  3. Effy - Now I feel honored. I was able to give you your very first award. Cool.

    Abby - Why thank you. I'm looking forward to that meme entry.

  4. Shelly - Hit fifty? You think I'm that old? Oh - - you meant fifty followers. I was just thinking about it this week. It amazes me that so many people stop by and read my blog. Amazes in a really good way. Having six followers was exciting. This is like twenty times as exciting. Okay, not mathematically, but it feels twenty times exciting.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Congrats on the award Randy, awesome acceptance speech :-)

  6. New follower here. :) Congrats on the award!