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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Facts About Me

            Miss Cole listed 10 things about her that people reading her blog didn’t previously know. Then she put out the challenge to everyone in her Platform Builder Campaign groups to do the same. The great thing about these challenges is how it allows everyone who participates to get to know each other better.

            Here are ten items about me that you didn’t previously know:

10. I’m a native of Arizona who married another Zonie.

9. My favorite fiction book is Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny.

8. There is a family story about how I got named Randy. Dad says he was kidding. Mom says he was absolutely serious about it. And it starts off with . . . “Dad wanted to name you Sisque.” (Wow, don’t you wish you knew the rest of the story?)

7. I have no musical talent. Animals flee when I attempt to sing.

6. I used to rodeo and know how to shoe a horse.

5. Ice cream is my favorite food.

4. I wrestled and pole-vaulted in high-school.

3. If my research is correct, I’m descended from John Lackland; the worst king England ever had.

2. I was the third smallest boy in my eighth-grade graduating class. There were probably more than a hundred boys. 

1. I am a pioneer in my family. As an artistic type in a family of hard-working cowboys and construction workers I paved the way for the other odd-balls relatives to pursue their interests in writing and graphic arts.

            Since Miss Cole and I are already in the same Urban Fantasy group and she challenged everyone in it, I’m just going to have to put out this challenge to everyone in my Adult – All Genres category. Let’s get to know each other better.


  1. This is so cool! YAY for artistic pioneers. And yes, I do wish I knew more about the story of your name! Awesome! Also gotta give you props for the rodeo and horse shoeing stuff! My husband farms but I am lucky just to get on a horse let alone saddle one or shoe one for that matter. :)

  2. I descend from a rather tyrannical king myself. But I can't shoe a horse. These are things that make us similar and different. ;)

  3. Great to get to know you better Randy. I'm not in your campaign group but we are in the Choose Your Adventure bloghop together:)

    I love that you are paving the artist way in your family!

  4. The rodeo sounds fun! I totally agree about ice cream. Best food ever :)

  5. Abby - the credit for artistic pioneering actually should go to my Dad. Here is someone who is a real life blend of the characters in John Wayne movies(Cowboy, marine, tough hombre) who understood that not everyone marches to the same beat. That made it easier for my nephews to do the same. So thanks, Dad. And thanks, Abby for your comments.

  6. Shelly - hmmmmm . . . tyrannical or stupid. I'm not sure who has the worst king ancestor in that comparison. ;)

    Indeed, similar and different. Sounds like a writing excercise from school.

  7. Deana - thanks. I'm enjoying meeting so many people through the campaign and the bloghop. What great fun.

  8. Kerri - thanks. I'm very excited about the blog-hop. That was brilliant of you to come up with that.

  9. I was always the smallest kid in class, always had to sit right in the front row for class pics. I'm with you on the ice-cream love - especially soft ice-cream!! Mmmmmm....

    Always neat getting to know more about my fellow bloggers!