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Monday, January 28, 2013

Writing Prod - Celebration 2

            During this second pass through the writing prompts I have been combining them with whatever events that happen to be going on and have had great success with that. Today’s event will be the rain. We get so little of it here in the desert it becomes a reason to celebrate whenever it shows up.

            Oddly enough, the actual prompt is called . . . Celebration. The idea is to make a story around an unusual holiday. I previously suggested taking a random noun, or verb, and turning it into a major event. Which makes RAIN the word for the day.


            Rain Day

            Once, long ago, water fell from the skies. They called it “rain.” That was before missiles scorched the atmosphere – and the people. Now the gathered remnants of humanity hold on to the vanishing reservoirs of water as best they can. When one of the underground pools dries up there is war. More of the people die.

            When Toge is assigned the duty of finding another water source for his community to invade he sets out intent of finding a way to return the water to the skies and stop humanity from destroying itself one dried up water hole at a time.  





  1. Yikes! Good luck to Toge. No unrealistic at all, is it?

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but I hope it has a feel of a grand adventure of the type you would find in the old mythological tales.