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Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing Prod - For Starters 2

            December 21 will roll around before my next column. That makes this a perfect time to include an end of the world theme into my weekly prod. Since I will be combining that with whatever writing prompt is next on the list that will make it kind of a unique prompt of its own.
            This one I call . . . For Starters. Not as challenging as I would have wanted for my last column before the world ends, but it will do. Start your story with a specific sentence. It could be the last line of your favorite novel (modified a bit if you want), it could be a memorable line that your father once said.
            For my example I used a well known internet search engine and typed in Mayan – because I wanted a handy link to them for my story. I came up with this: “The Maya peoples never disappeared . . .”



            Mayan Mountain

Opening line: “The Maya people never disappeared, they just faded into insignificance.”

            For Tim, the Mayan civilization was a great puzzle. They had advanced studies in art, mathematics, architecture, and even a written language. Then it all faded away. The most predominant culture in Yucatan Peninsula region collapsed without any known explanation. Their descendants remain, married into other cultures, distanced from the wonders of what they once were.
            Then Tim discovers an artifact that may hold the key to the rapid decline of this magnificent civilization. It tells a story of visitors from the sky and an exodus of the best and brightest of the Mayan people into the heart of a mystic mountain. With the help of college friend, who finances an expedition to the Yucatan, they search for Mayan Mountain.




  1. This civilization never invented the wheel. How smart could they actually have been?

    1. Pretty smart. Although, you'd think they would have found some use for the wheel. I guess that shows how technology can develop under different paths.