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Friday, December 7, 2012

High School - Scene Four

            Thoughts buzzed around the inside of Jackie’s mind like a swarm of angry bees. It was chaotic, excited, and a little bit threatening all at once. She had wanted to pursue a story on the drug war being waged at school and here was the best opportunity she would ever have to do just that.

            When the two suspects went their separate ways, Jackie decided to follow the student in the varsity jacket. He would be the easiest to find later on. At least he would if she could get a good enough look to identify him.

            She slung her backpack over her shoulders and snugged the straps to keep it in place. Then with one last glance at the adult headed towards the parking lot, she followed the jock. She was pretty sure she could identify the adult if she saw again. And that might be important to busting this investigation wide open.

            Just using that phrase in her head created a sort of daydream-euphoria. She said it to herself again: busting this investigation wide open. It was like one of those dramatic movies where the hard-nosed investigator went toe-to-toe against a powerful corporation – or even an organized crime family. Except this was real.

            Then she noticed that the jock was getting away. She could daydream later, right now she needed to switch to stealth mode and follow the suspect.

            Suspect. It made her giggle inside.

            Jackie ran as quietly as she could to the end of the bleachers. Then she used the concession stand as cover and sprinted to it. She listened for the clippity-clip of the jock’s running shoes to fade somewhat in the distance before she dared a peek around the edge of the stand.

            He didn’t have a clue that she was following him.

            Once he turned the corner on the Science building, she ran to the spot where she last saw him and listened of the annoying sound of his cleats on the sidewalk.


            That was odd. She didn’t doubt that any of the jocks on campus could outdistance her if they wanted to, but this one had only been walking, not even aware of her presence. All she could do was peek around the corner and hope to spot him before he got too far away.

            Slowly. Carefully. Jackie poked her head around the corner of the building.

            Two jocks stood there. Not three feet away. Looking directly at her.

            “What’s up, Romano?”


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