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Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing Prod - Skewed View

            This is it. Today is the twenty-fourth writing prompt and I have finally come to the end of my list. Of course, I’m going to do it all over again, but I was surprised that there were that many ways to give a jumpstart to your creative process. A few of them were similar and could probably be lumped together. And I expect that there are quite a few that I haven’t thought of as well. Still, twenty-four is an impressive number of ways to generate story ideas.
            The last one I call . . . Skewed View. With it, you write a story from a radically different point of view, like that of an insect, or an alien, or even a stuffed animal. Andy Griffith started his comedic career this way when he did “What it was, was football.” The subject matter can be a common, every day event like a trip to the grocery store. You can also use this to retell a story. What might it have been like for the golden goose when Jack climbed the beanstalk and attempted to kidnap her? It could even be based on a conversation you had with a friend earlier in the week. How might that be different if it was between a fantasy hero and his villainous rival?  

            For my example, I have decided to adapt a classic fairytale to a more comedic point of view character. Watch what I do to The Sorcerers Apprentice.



            Stick Man 

            Broom marvels when he is brought to life. Before he was nothing but a tool in someone else’s hands, but now he can act on his own and he has purpose. The water has to be moved and he is just the one to do it.
            Then the world goes crazy when the creator attacks him. Or perhaps it isn’t the world that has gone insane – maybe it’s just the creator. A lowly broom may have no chance against the mighty sorcerer, but that isn’t going to prevent him from fulfilling his prime directive. And anything that gets in his way will pay the price.



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