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Friday, June 22, 2012

This Week In The Blogverse

            Over the past nine weeks I have been focusing on a single blog that I felt could be helpful to my fellow authors. Today’s post will be different. There are some tremendous authors out there who offer great insights on the craft of writing or the writing industry. They don’t necessarily have a specific feature that they post every week that stands out on its own. Rather than spending the next several weeks finding different ways of saying that the authors offer gems of writing wisdom on a regular basis I’ve decided to put several of them together in this post.

            I put Nathan Bransford on the top of the list because he has his fingers on the pulse of the industry. With over six thousand followers he certainly doesn’t need me promoting his blog, but if you’re not familiar with his site then you are missing out. Nathan is a writer, a former literary agent for Curtis Brown Ltd. and  is now working as the social media guy over at CNET. His recent topics include: Are Non-Interactive Books Going to be the Black and White Movies of the Future, Should Agents be Worried, and The Randomness of Best Sellers. His posts are very insightful and he keeps his messages short that leaves you with an appealing knowledge per time spent ratio.

            Moody Writing with Mooderino has been on my follow list since I started blogging. Every week he has some great advice on writing; however, if you happen to be in a quandary about what to do with your blog then check out this post - Writer's Websites I'd Like to See. Recent topics include: Writing Great Characters, Waiting for a Good Story to Get Started, and Can You be Trusted to Tell a Good Story? In addition to some great writing his blog looks cool too.

            Writer's Do Laundry, Too with Linda Jackson is a blog that is not only informative, but has a cozy feel to it. I really enjoy her writing style. Recent topics include: Once Upon a Time When We Were Blissful Readers, It’s Just Not a Good Fit for Me, and Why I Buy Books. And Linda is super friendly.

            Three great sites should be enough for this week. (Not to mention my kids need to be fed lunch.) Take a couple of minutes to check out these blogs and see what they have to offer. And if you know of any blogs that you think should be on everyone’s must see list, please let me know about them.