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Friday, June 15, 2012

This Week In The Blogverse - Michelle Teacress


          It’s Friday. And we all know what that means. The problem is that while each of us individually knows what it means, collectively we have about a thousand different answers to the question. In Randy-land, it means I have the opportunity to share some blogging goodness with all of you.

            Michelle Teacress happens to be one of the first people to start following my blog. So, that makes her especially special. It’s also worth noting the she has a very solid following and is awesomely nice person.

            Michelle offers an author spotlight on Wednesdays. If you are an aspiring author this gives you an opportunity to expand your writing network. Gaining a strong connection to established authors will help you immensely once you are published. Not to mention, the experience they have in the industry can be a great help to you now.

            If you happen to be a published author then this feature could help spread the word about you and what you write. I couldn’t find any guidelines for how Michelle chooses the subject of her spotlights, but I imagine you could contact her and find out.

            Finally, this is a great feature for you as reader. With an expenditure of just a few minutes of your time and you might discover a new favorite author. 

            Please swing by Michelle’s blog and tell her I said – “Hi.”