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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tagged By Claire

            I’ve been tagged by California Claire. Which is good, because I’m still trying to unpack after my move. (Love this new house.) Expect a review of John Carter of Mars on Saturday. Until then, here are my answers to Claire’s questions.

Q1: What is your earliest childhood memory?

A: It’s a traumatic one. We lived along the railroad tracks. I remember being scared out of my mind and running for all I was worth to get away from the tracks and the loud approaching train.

Q2: Tell us about a funny/embarrassing incident that happened to you?

A: I’m shy enough as it is so I won’t be sharing any embarrassing stories with the world at large. How about I tell my favorite story about my youngest daughter?

When Lucy was born I had just gotten a job in the computer industry. They were working me 12-14 hours during the week and then a mere 8 hours on Saturday. I didn’t get home until fairly late at night. When I did I quietly walked over to my wife, gave her a kiss, and whispered hello. Lucy would be sound asleep on the couch and as soon as I said something her head would jerk up and she would cry until I picked her up. Then she fell right back to sleep. Needless to say, Lucy is a daddy’s girl.

Q3: What was the name of your first girlfriend?

A: Can this count as my embarrassing experience. I didn’t have a girlfriend until the summer between my sophomore and junior year. Then I had four at the same time and don’t remember any of their names. My first girlfriend once I returned home was Jennifer. Both of us played trumpet in band. 

Q4: What is the name of your current WIP, and what is it about?

A: I am finishing up a novel that is currently named “End Times.” It is about the events leading up to the Second Coming from an LDS perspective.

Q5: Who is your funniest book character?

A: That would be Dave from my Sherlock Jones series. The first book is titled: Exit Stage Left. Dave is an ex-surfer turned used car salesman that helps his best friend since high school to solve mysteries in Hollywood.

Q6: Which heroine would you most like to go on a date with and why?

A: Considering I just saw the movie last night; Dejah Thoris. She kicks butt and has the most beautiful eyes.

Q7: Would you rather have your book win the Booker Prize but not sell many copies, or top the NY Times best-seller list and make you millions?

A: The key to answering this, for me, is the number of copies that get read. I want people to enjoy the stories I write. Money and prestige is second to that. If more people would read my books because I was on the NY Times list, then that is my goal.

Q8: How often do you blog and why?

A: I want to blog twice a week, but lately it has been only once a week due to time constraints. The reason I blog is to network with my fellow authors. I have learned a lot from them already, I expect to learn more in the future, and often a person’s success in any field is based on who they know.

Q9:  Which is your favorite blog?

A: I’ll take the cowardly route on this and say – Mine! (I always agree with the movie reviews and usually crack myself up with some of my wittier comments.)

Q10:  What is the last music CD/download you bought?

A: It has been a couple of years, but I bought a single by Cake because it was on the soundtrack of Shallow Hal.

Q11: What five things you are grateful for today?

1. My wonderful wife who is beautiful, intelligent, capable, and puts up with me.
2. My children who are loud, active, annoying at times, but loveable all the time.
3. My new house.
4. I’m really thankful that the move is finally over.
5. I’m grateful for the opportunity to express myself through my writing.

            This is the part of the blog where I select a number of my fellow bloggers to answer these same questions. Due to my time shortage (the boys need their bunk beds assembled so they can stop sleeping on a mattress on the floor) I will just extend the challenge to all of my readers. If you read this post consider yourself tagged.


  1. Hmmm. The apocalypse from an LDS perspective is definitely something that strikes me as original.

    1. Thank you. It's a subject that interests me and I felt compelled to write it. I also have a publisher that has shown an interest in the document.

  2. Congrats on the move and glad the first part is done. Now on to getting settled in the new house, which it sounds like you love, always a plus.

    I'm still tickled that you had four girlfriends at the same time but don't remember their names. Priceless.

    1. Thanks. Yep. Love the house.

      I'm actually a little disappointed in myself that I don't remember their names. Not that I don't forget plenty of things, but I don't do casual dating (other than that summer).

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Randy! Good luck with the bunk beds and enjoy your new house :)

    1. I appreciate the kind words. And - ta da - the bunk beds are assembled. Hopefully, next week I can return to my WIP.

  4. Glad the move went well. Your wip definitely sounds interesting :-)

    1. Thank you. I hope enough people think it's interesting enough to read it.

  5. Great answers, Randy. And glad the move went well - exhausting, especially with kids. So funny re your summer of lurve - so was it 'Randy by name, randy by nature'?! LOL

    1. At this time, I can neither confirm nor deny the details of my summer in Texas. As far as my name goes, my dad originally wanted to name me Rowdy.