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Friday, August 12, 2011

Interview with the spouse of a would-be author

            It might seem as if creativity is creativity and the outlet doesn’t matter. That isn’t true. For the last three weeks I have been eating, sleeping, and dreaming my other creative line – game design. Now, I’m sitting here on Friday desperately searching to a topic to blog.

            No luck. Nada. The writing muse has been hamstrung by the more structured game design element I have been focused on.

            Fortunately, I happened to have stockpiled a few blog entries in case this happened. I actually wrote this when I first had the idea to start blogging and knew I wanted to throw in a few interviews about writing.

            This interview is with my wife and was meant to take a look at the writing life as seen through the eyes of a spouse to a would-be author.

Randy: “Honey, can I interview you for my blog?”

LuAnn: “I’d rather you didn’t.”

Randy: “Great. It’ll just take a minute.”

LuAnn: <Nods while she rubs her temples.>

Randy: “What do you think about me becoming famous?”

LuAnn: “I’ll love you no matter how famous you are.”

Randy: “What will be the most exciting thing about me becoming successful?”

LuAnn: “The increased shopping benefit.”

Randy: “No. I mean about me.”

LuAnn: “Oh. That you’ll be able to do more shopping for me.”

Randy: “What published author would you compare me to?”

LuAnn: “Is that the doorbell?”

Randy: “The doorbell doesn’t work.”

LuAnn: “I meant, I think I heard someone knock at the door.”

Randy: <Checking out the window.> “Nope. Nobody there.”

LuAnn: “How weird. Thanks for the interview hon.”

Randy: “Wait. I still need you to compare me to a published author.”

LuAnn: “I haven’t read enough books to make that comparison.”

Randy: “Really? You read all the time. How many books do you read a month?”

LuAnn: “Six to twelve.”

Randy: “That seems like a lot of books. There’s bound to be someone who reminds you of me.”

LuAnn: “Nooooo.  You’re . . . unique.”

Randy: “Thanks. Next question. What do you consider my finest authorial quality?”

LuAnn: “Did you hear that? A bear is eating the children!”

Randy: “I don’t hear anything.”

LuAnn: <Dashes out of the room.>

Randy: “Hey, there are no bears in Phoenix.”

LuAnn: <In the distance.> “Quick kids, get into the car.”

Randy: “Well folks, there you have it. The wife interview.”

* Disclaimer – My wife actually won’t let me interview her. This entire post is comprised of my speculation of how the said interview would go if it were permitted. 

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