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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writing Prompt #36

            PROMPT 36 – HAZARD DUTY
            Novels, television, and movies are filled with stories about police, fire-fighters, soldiers, and lawyers. These seem to be the professions people consider the most dangerous or dramatic. While in some cases that might be true it doesn’t need to be for the story you are writing.
            Pick a profession and then think of a storyline that puts the character into danger or an otherwise interesting situation. The problem could be fantastic, or mysterious, or even mundane and funny. Selecting an occupation which you have worked will allow you to draw from your personal experience. In not, the story will develop out of your research about the chosen profession.

            These professions were taken from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

            - Dump Grounds Checker (Sanitary Landfill Worker)
            - Laserist (Creates laser light shows)
            - Rug Cleaner
            - TNT Line-Supervisor
            - Senior-Commisary Agent in Air Transportation

One Man’s Garbage – Working at the dump was slow, dull, and stinky. Just the way James liked it—except for the smell. The important thing about it was that his job was blissfully void of any excitement which might over-stress his weak heart. That is, until he noticed that the trucks from one specific company were entering the dump empty and leaving it full. The situation gets worse when he discovers the trucks are being driven by aliens from outer space. Now he has to convince someone in the Federal government that Earth has been invaded before he has a heart-attack or the aliens catch him?



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