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Monday, September 9, 2013


            Over the weekend my son talked me into seeing The World’s End. I don’t plan to do a review of it because this is the sort of film that I normally avoid. However, if you are not bothered by horrendous amounts of profanity you may find it quite funny.
            The thing about this movie was that the basic storyline struck me a collection of elements all randomly thrown together. In this case we have what I can Going Back story. That’s a story where a group of people, who share a common event in the past, assemble together and are able to overcome the problems they are having in the present by reflecting on the past and using the strength of their common bond.
            Because I don’t like living in the past this is not the sort of story that I enjoy. Which makes it great that The World’s End changes all of that by throwing in an element that doesn’t seem to belong—an alien invasion. That’s right. Aliens have started replacing humans with robot duplicates and the protagonists of the story stumble across this extraterrestrial plot as they come attempt once again to drink their way through every pub in the town they lived twenty years ago.
            Now, I don’t support the notion that responsible adults should return to the folly of youth and drink irresponsibly just for the bragging rights of having finally completed a sophomoric challenge. But I do love how the writers of this film have taken a trivial storyline and by introducing an unusual twist to it have given us a remarkably innovative piece of entertainment.
            Why didn’t I come up with that idea?
            Rather than sulk about showing up late for this particular dance I decided to come up with my own story mixer. Here it is:

            It’s the late 1800s and in the bustling western town of High Step an evil Cattle Baron attempts to force the last of the independent ranchers out of business. If economic pressure fails he turns loose his squad of hired gunslingers to convince his competitors to sell out. Then all of a sudden a squad of cheerleaders from the future pops into town and the balance of power changes. Traditional gunfights get replaced with dance-offs as we kick back and enjoy a rip-snorting, wild-west musical. Grab a big bowl of fried critters and enjoy the magic that is Romp.
            Well, what do you think? Should I give up my other writing endeavors and start in on this project immediately? Or does it need a little more work?

           I still need help getting the word out about my blog. This week I'm asking Karen Jackson to share this week's fun with family and friends. In addition to today's rambling I plan to submit a piece of flash fiction later in the week.

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